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Twin Rod Birefringence Compensation Explained

The advantages of a twin rod, birefringence compensated architecture in high average power pulsed Nd:YAG lasers: much improved spatial profile, extraction efficiency and harmonic conversion efficiency. Strain birefringence is a thermal effect in Nd:YAG brought about by heat deposited in a rod by pumping it. The centre of the rod becomes warmer than the outside, […]

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Motorised Harmonic Separation and Switching

One of many advanced features on the Litron LPY Series. Motorised harmonic switching allows for remote switching between output wavelengths. When used in unison with the motorised harmonic generation and motorised mirror stages each configurable wavelength can be selected and optimised remotely at the push of a button. All harmonics are available with optional auto-tracking […]

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Comparison of Beam Divergence, Beam Diameter and M2

Why the Aperture – Divergence Product Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story. A true measure of the quality of a laser beam is the parameter known as M2, also referred to as a number of ‘times diffraction limited’. It describes how a beam will diverge compared to a theoretically ‘perfect’ laser beam of the same wavelength […]

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Lasers for Holographic and Interferometric Techniques

Litron LPY700is 16

Pulsed Nd:YAG lasers running on a single longitudinal mode (SLM) have been around for over twenty years. Their long temporal coherence length of typically 2-3m make them very well suited for applications such as holography and electronic speckle pattern interferometry (ESPI). Since the spatial modes in practical lasers all have slightly different optical frequencies, SLM […]

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Different Resonator Options and why it’s important

Litron offers five distinct resonator configurations. This is more than any other manufacturer and this article sets out to help customers identify which one is best for their needs.   A. Conventional Stable This multimode resonator has been around the longest time and is the simplest in terms of design. Typical characteristics are excellent energy […]

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True TEM00 or Not?

Litron is one of the few laser manufacturers to offer Nd:YAG lasers with true TEM00 beam quality as standard. Some manufacturers claim to offer lasers with TEM00 output but a closer look will show that that is not always the case. To generate a TEM00 beam requires a stable resonator and, usually, an aperture to […]

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