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LUCi helps you single shot PIV with ease

The LUCi touch screen remote controller is standard on the Bernoulli PIV series lasers and now optional on all our sub 200 Hz PIV range. If you only want to fire one pulse or a burst of pulses the LUCi will help you do it with ease. See the explanatory video here….

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Bernoulli PIV sealed laser. From crate to lasing in under 8 minutes.

See the video here   The bernoulli™ PIV from Litron Lasers is the most advanced ‘plug and play’ PIV laser system available today. It benefits from Litron’s years of experience in this field and the expertise gained from being the World’s leading PIV laser manufacturer. Rugged Vibration and shock proof – for use in rough […]

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Telescopic Lasers for PIV


Broader, Thinner and More Uniform Light Sheets. Litron offers telescopic versions of its popular Nano L and LPY PIV laser systems for dual pulse applications requiring a significantly lower M2 value than traditional lasers but with the excellent spatial uniformity of a conventional resonator. This gives the possibility to make broad, thin, uniform light sheets […]

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