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New Bernoulli LIBS Series

Small, light and versatile double pulse laser for LIBS.

Bernoulli LIBS is a compact and rugged pulsed Nd:YAG laser. With energies up to 250mJ at 1064nm and repetition rates up to 30Hz, the Bernoulli LIBS contains two laser oscillators that are combined onto a single beam axis in a single head.
The lasers are fitted with low divergence optics to ensure high focusability and make it highly suited to LIBS applications that utilise the double pulse technique.

Bernoulli New head Colour2

General Features:

  • Output energies up to 250mJ
  • Repetition rates up to 30Hz
  • Compact size with fast detachable connections
  • Vibration & shock proof, fully sealed laser head, ruggedized oscillators
  • Motorised safety shutters
  • Easy to use through LUCi remote interface
  • Two motorised attenuators for independent energy adjustment for each laser
  • Intelligent microprocessor control and monitoring of all laser parameters

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