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LUCi Laser Controller

Total Laser Control

The Litron LUCi interface makes controlling your laser intuitive and easy.

The LUCi gives you -

  • Full touchscreen control
  • One-touch start and stop procedure
  • Intuitive screen navigation
  • Extensive control functionality
  • Full access to diagnostic information
  • Unique Burst Mode feature

LUCi Screen Interface

The LUCi control interface can be used on many of Litron’s laser systems.
From a one-touch laser startup procedure through to a full suite of user
functions the laser can be controlled effortlessly.

The array of control functions includes burst mode, single shot, repetition rate divide and harmonic crystal temperature set points. The feedback includes energy monitoring and water temperature sensors.

Litron designs and develops all of its laser software control systems, in addition to this comprehensive software control we are also able to offer custom software requirements for your specific application.

Video linkSee the LUCi Burst Mode feature video here ...

Click here for the LUCi data sheet.

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