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Litron Energy Monitors

Accuracy, flexibility & reliability

Litron’s photodiode energy monitors have been designed to facilitate the easy and accurate measurement of pulsed laser output energy and to allow detailed performance monitoring of laser systems.

The detection electronics gives exceptional linearity over the entire dynamic range of the device. Accurate calibration and solid state feedback allows for repeatability of better than 0.2 %.

The head contains a 4 digit LED display allowing the unit to be used as a `stand-alone’ device. The inclusion of a serial interface is standard on all models and allows full data logging and statistical analysis of the laser output with the software package included.

The meters will measure any laser pulse within their wavelength response region, although calibrations are required at specific wavelengths. Litron currently supports calibrations at 1535 nm, 1064 nm, 694 nm & 532 nm.

The same meter can be used to measure a Q-switched laser pulse, or a laser pulse of say 100 ms. On the LPM230 and LPM530 series the actively adjustable integration time allows the user to choose the maximum pulse length measured by the device.

The design of these energy monitors is such that they exhibit extremely high damage thresholds of >1 GW/cm2 for 5 ns pulses. This is achieved as the beam is scattered off fused silica windows and no absorbing elements (that are inherently susceptible to damage) are used.


  • High damage threshold optics and filters
  • RS232 interface port & software suite
  • 400 nm-1100 nm (Silicon)
  • 900 nm-1650 nm (InGaAs)
  • ns to msec range from same head
  • Sub ns fast diode output to 50 Ω device
  • Integrated output to 50 Ω device
  • Rugged billet aluminium housing

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