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Portable and Ultra Compact LIBS Lasers

The Nano O LIBS is a truly portable and lightweight lamp pumped laser developed for the LIBS market to provide the OEM with an ideal laser source for easy integration.

Two models are available delivering high pulse energies of either 60 mJ or 90 mJ which are ideally suited to surface or penetration LIBS.
The design complements Litron’s already established, field-proven Nano range.
The compact, rugged design and reliable performance make this laser ideal for portable LIBS in all kinds of environments.

• No Water
• No Mains Electricity
• Lightweight / Portable
• Compact
• High Performance
• Designed for easy integration

• Ultra compact and truly portable
• Internal air cooling – no water needed
• 532 nm harmonic module available
Nano-0-LIBS-head• 0.5 Hz or 1 Hz operation
• 24 VDC operation
• Fully detachable laser head and PSU
• Solid state electronics
• RS232 remote control

See how rugged the Nano range lasers are, watch the video here…>

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