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Motorised Harmonic Separation and Switching

One of many advanced features on the Litron LPY Series. Motorised harmonic switching allows for remote switching between output wavelengths. When used in unison with the motorised harmonic generation and motorised mirror stages each configurable wavelength can be selected and optimised remotely at the push of a button. All harmonics are available with optional auto-tracking […]

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Bernoulli PIV sealed laser. From crate to lasing in under 8 minutes.

See the video here   The bernoulli™ PIV from Litron Lasers is the most advanced ‘plug and play’ PIV laser system available today. It benefits from Litron’s years of experience in this field and the expertise gained from being the World’s leading PIV laser manufacturer. Rugged Vibration and shock proof – for use in rough […]

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The New Aurora II Integra OPO from Litron Lasers


An innovative, fully motorised, type II BBO OPO and Nd:YAG pump laser integrated into a single system. • Tuning range 400-710 nm and 710 nm to 2.3 µm • UV harmonic option for 205-419 nm • Linewidth <4 cm-1 The Aurora II Integra range of type II BBO OPOs has been designed with reliability, stability […]

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